Theory Tuition

  • Understand the whole picture – study music theory.
  • When completing pedagogical practical examinations with a recognised music body, at some point prerequisite, pedagogical theory qualifications will be required (that is – from a particular practical level onward – an examining body will neither print nor issue graded practical certificates without prerequisite, graded theoretical certificates.) This is a very important reason to study music theory.
  • As important as the above reason is to study music theory, a better rationale is an individual can learn what is truly happening in the music by studying the historical context in which it was created (along with analysing elements and sub-strands.) Understanding music enables better appreciation of the setting in which it was written, produces increased sensitivity leading to improved interpretive performance and furnishes with the ability to become an accomplished composer / arranger in one’s own right.
  • Recommended examining body: Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB.)

Tuition Induction Process

  • Response to initial inquiry / preliminary particulars.
  • Studio details / orientation.
  • Commencement information / resources required.
  • Remuneration templates / perpetual settlement of fees.
  • Annual newsletter / electronic book: procedures, policies, terms, conditions.
  • Miscellaneous: recommendations / advice.

Children / Adults

Theory tuition is administered in the following two ways:

  1. [Isolated lesson.] Independent of (not supplementary to) piano tuition.
  2. [Integrated lesson.] Complementary to piano tuition, proficiency acquired:
    • Informally in relation to studied repertoire.
    • Formally via set pedagogy / methodology.

Fast-Tracked Prerequisite Theory Certificates: Older Students / Adults

  • If the acquirement of an AMEB practical certificate is impeded due to the lack of a prerequisite theory certificate (and attainment is required in a rapid time frame), I’m able to assist by fast-tracking through the methodology via pedagogy I’ve devised in a streamlined, logical manner.
  • AMEB theory syllabus taught: Theory of Music (grades one – six inclusive; grades two – six necessary for the issuing of practical-grade-six to diploma certificates.) The Theory of Music syllabus particularly complements practical examinations.